Thursday, 30 April 2009

#0: Preface

Assalam Alaikom :)

Hi everyone! I'm really happy that your here! Thanks for coming! :)

I am writing a story on Muslim teens and the problems they face and what happens to them in their lives.

Some of my friends already know that I've written stories. When I was 11, I wrote a story called, "Friday Angelin," which was about a girl called Friday. She was living life normally and all. Then when she was participating in a swimming competition, something tragic happened to her. She paralysed both her legs and her life changed completely. But somehow, I never got to complete it and it's been long since I ever made any changes to it. But definately I'm going to complete this one I'm writing now coz(Insha Allah) I have a lot of motivation for it! :)

The name of the story is


Look at the header picture, the main characters are;
Salim (Oumed's brother)
Tahir (Nur's best friend)

I don't want to say much about the story now but the main characters are Oumed and Nur. Please keep reading and most of all, please comment! You're comments are really appreciated! :)

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


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Please can I do the preface after I complete the story.

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Tuesday, 28 April 2009


“Dragons, fairies, demons – those are all believable- but Dajjal! Give me a break!”
Oumed was arguing with his older brother, Salim, who was sitting on the prayer mat with the Quran open. He didn’t know what to do with his younger brother.

“Look, Oumed, this is the age of fitnah. Dajjal exists. Believe in the word of Allah, Little Brother.”

Oumed snorted. “I don’t even know why I’m wasting my saliva with you, Salim. This is the 21st century. There ain’t no Dajjal - Dajjal was a stupid monster made up to scare people like you.” He threw on his black gangster jacket and walked out. Salim had calmed down his anger. He just wanted the best for his brother.

Salim went outside to the backyard. He opened his Quran, which was old and worn with reading frequently. He began to read one of his favourite surahs, Surat al-Mulk. His clear voice was floating with the wind. “Farji ‘il basara, hal tara min futur?” [Look around you, do you see any flaw?] He looked around him. His heart was filled with love for Allah…. He breathed in the cool breeze and continued reading.

On the suburb of the city someone else was breathing in the cool air too. She was leaning on her window sill as the wind blew through her hair. So many thought were going through her mind. Then her thoughts stopped still on the most painful thing of her life. She remembered being 8 years old waiting by the heavy oak door of her house tears dripping from her hazel eyes. She was waiting to be picked up for the funeral…of her mother. She didn’t know how it happened or why it happened but she just knew it did. If my mother where here right now, I wouldn’t feel so bad…she thought and she burst out crying like a baby again. She remembered how she stood by the comforting bluebells which was her and her mom’s favourite flower. And her thoughts went on and on. Suddenly she remembered Cherry. I’ve got to talk to dad about her, she thought.

She went downstairs to her father. “Papa…” She generally didn’t like disturbing her father when he was in the study. He was sitting on his leather chair facing the fire place. As usual, he had a cigar in his mouth too.
“Papa…” she tried again. This time her tall father looked at her.

“Oh, Nur!” he exclaimed. It was as if he’d forgotten that he had a daughter. “Yes, how can I help you?” Mr. Khalid used his business tone even with his daughter. “It’s about Cherry. I wanted to get her to the vet – she wasn’t feeling well last evening.” Mr. Khalid’s hard business face didn’t change. “That horse is old. It needs to be thrown away.”

Nur was shocked. She could never get used to her father’s stone-hearted way of speaking. Tears welled up in her eyes. Her father noticed this. “Nothing to weep about! I’ll get you a new one. A sturdy white stallion, eh? A nice young and strong horse.” Nur couldn’t believe it. She walked slowly out of her father’s study and ran to her room. Cherry wasn’t some useless toy she could throw away anytime she wanted! Cherry was her precious horse, her best friend! Nur closed her teary eyes as she threw herself on the bed and continued sobbing.

In the dark corners of the city, there was a disco. It was full of mad teens, drunk, dancing, smelling, smoking. That’s where Oumed was spending the night.

“C’mon, Oumed! We don’t have all day!” Oumed was smiling. He and his friends were playing cards, gambling. Oumed was about to make a move and take the money home. He looked around the bar. It was full of smoke and the smell of alcohol was filling the place. Deep down, Oumed knew it was wrong. What he was doing was wrong. His friend slapped him . “Hey, man, what’s up? Play the game already!” ……

Oumed dragged himself home at 3 am. He was exhausted from staying up all night. He creeped to the back of the house and slowly started climbing up the ladder he made to get to his room without his parents knowing. For his surprise, Salim was waiting for him in his room.

“So, did you have fun?” Salim asked.

“Yeah, plenty of fun. And I won plenty of money too.”

“I’m guessing you spent the night gambling?”

“Of course. I’m using my skills to make cash, bro. It’s business. ”

“Oumed, what you’re doing is wrong. We’re Muslims, we don’t do these kinds of things. Allah is watching us. Death can come anytime. You need to change, bro. Just start praying…do you even still remember how to read the Quran. Oumed, think about your - ”

“Blah Blah Blah. Now get lost so I can catch up on my sleep.”

“Oumed …”


“Islam is peace, Oumed.”

Oumed had already fallen asleep. Salim sighed and went to get ready for Fajr.

Friday, 24 April 2009


Oumed’s stomach was rumbling in the dark. He twisted and turned on his bed.
“Oh man, what a perfect time to get hungry! What’s wrong with my stomach? Jeez…” he grumbled as he walked with his eyes half-closed down to the kitchen.

He passed by his mom who was getting wudhu for Tahajjud prayers. Her eyes lit up,

“Oumed, are you up to pray Tahajjud?” she asked, proud of her son.

Oumed rolled his eyes. “Now why would I want to do a thing like that?!” he exclaimed, throwing up his arms. His mother’s sad eyes followed him as he made his way for the kitchen.

“What are you going to do, son?” she asked curiously because Oumed was never known to get up very early.

“Make myself an omelet.” He grumbled back.

“Can’t you just wait for breakfast?”

“I’M HUNGRY, MAN!” he yelled. His mom shook her head and went to her room to pray. She would always make dua for him…

Oumed lit the gas stove and placed a frying pan on the fire. He sleepily walked to the fridge to get an egg. Meanwhile, a spark from the fire flew up to the curtains. A fire was slowly building up.

Oumed was still busy browsing through the eggs trying to choose a big one. The fire had caught all the curtains.
Finally, Oumed looked up. “WHAT THE-?!”

Saleem was just finishing up on his college project when he smelt something burning. Smartly, he rushed downstairs and found his little brother beating the curtains which had caught fire with his pajama shirt.

The fire had just heated up to the ceiling and the tube light had shattered. Funnily, the smoke alarm wasn’t working. Salim rushed in, pushed aside his brother and pulled down the curtains. He started pouring water on them.

“Hey, I DON’T NEED YOU! THIS IS MY FIRE! I CAN PUT IT OUT MYSELF!” Oumed screamed and threw himself on Salim.

The fire was spreading. Oumed was wrestling with Salim on the ground. Miraculously, the smoke alarm started working, water started spraying down from the ceiling.

Their parents came running down. “Astaghfirallah!” Their father gasped. “What’s going on here?” He asked the boys who were drenched with water lying on the ground. Oumed still had his arms around Salim’s neck.

“Get up you two. Now explain.” Their father ordered the two take seats.
The boys got up and sat at the dining. Oumed had his hands over his head. Salim was patiently looking around like nothing happened.

“Well?” their mother asked. Oumed finally spoke. “I just wanted a stupid egg.”

Salim said, “It’s time for Fajr. I’m heading for the masjid.” Oumed gets up with Salim too. Their mom asked, “Oumed, are you going to the masjid too?”

“Of course not!” he snorted, like it’s obvious. “I’m heading back to sleep. I’ve had a horrible day.”

His dad called out to him as Oumed walked up the stairs. “Hey, you come back and help your mom clean up the mess you made.”

“Whatever.” He said and run back to his room.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Hussein, Nur’s driver, was polishing the car Nur usually went in for school and horse-riding.

“Assalam Alaikom, Hussein!” She said happily. The sky was blue and bright yet the wind was cool and soothing.

Hussein laughed, “Wa Alaikom Assalam, child. And where are we going today?”

“To the stable, of course! To see Cherry! I haven’t done horse-back riding for the past three days!” she smiled cheerily.

But Hussein’s face changed and became sad but he didn’t let the happy teenager see it. Soon they got into the car and went off.

Nur was going to experience another tragedy…

When they reached the meadow, Nur hopped off the car and went straight out to Cherry’s stable. Funnily, it was empty.

She asked the care taker, “Where’s Cherry? I’m supposed to ride her today.” The care taker was silent.

“Cherry’s not here anymore.” She said.

Nur didn’t understand. “What do you mean she’s not here anymore? Did they take her to the vet or something? Tell me!”

The caretaker was silent.

At once Nur understood. Tears came streaming out her eyes. She ran into the meadow and she kept on running and running until she fell to the ground.

“Why do all the people I love have to die?! First my mom, now Cherry! Ya Allah, I have no reason to live!”

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Oumed was rummaging through his locker. His locker had a lot of cigarettes thrown around. He was getting late for Algebra, his favourite class.

He grabbed his things and shut the locker with his left leg. He is a leftie that’s why. But as he was rushing to class, he dropped his calculator behind. Nur was walking and she noticed someone had dropped their calculator. She picked it up.

“Hey! Your calculator!” But Oumed had already gone far.

Later at the cafeteria, Oumed and his friends were joking around while having lunch. His friends were talking about how Oumed won the cards game they were playing last night in the bar. "Man, Oumed you always win our bets!" Oumed was feeling good.

Just then one of his friends said, “Hey, there’s a chic walking towards us. She’s looking at you, Oumed.”

Oumed looked up. It was a girl in a hijab. He had seen her before. She always had a far-away look on her face and she was usually quiet. She didn’t stay behind after school like many other people. Instead, her driver was always on time to pick her up. Why was she coming to him?

“Um, you dropped your calculator.”

Oumed grabbed his calculator and mumbled, “Thanks.” And started poking his burger with a fork. Nur looked around and saw that all the boys on the table were looking at her. She felt very weird and she walked away as fast as possible.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Nur was sad. Why did she have to be alone? And she was the only one wearing a hijab in school.

She never liked to be with the other girls because she didn’t like what they talked about. And they flirted and wore disgusting clothes and Nur was just stuck in a world where she didn’t even belong. So it was rare to get true pure friends and cope up with the rest. It was so sad because at home, she had no one. At school, no one. And that’s why life felt so lonely for her.

She always thought why? Why is this happening? First my mother who I loved so much..then Cherry who was my best friend. Why is life full of sadness for me? She asked herself. It’s not supposed to be like this…

Days pass and Nur gets lonelier and lonelier. And it almost became a habit for her to find wet tissues all over her room..

Just a few days later, when Nur goes to school she sees a new girl with olive skin seated on the desk in the far corner. She looked patient and was wearing a hijab neatly tied on her head. She was wearing a hijab! She’s Muslim! Nur rushed to her and greeted her, ”Assalam Alaikom! I’m Nur. What’s your name?”

“Wa Alaikom Assalam. My name’s Tahir. Nice to meet you. ”the new girl said.

“Come on, I’ll show you around the school!” Nur said excitedly.

Tahir and Nur became close friends. Nur found out a lot about Tahir. Though she looked graceful, Tahir is like a tomboy sort of person and has a strong attitude. They became best friends moving around together.

“So what do you want to do when you grow up?” Nur asked Tahir.

“I want to join the army.” Tahir said strongly.

Nur was a bit shocked. She had read different hadith and she knew women weren’t allowed to physically fight with the army.

She was about to say something when Tahir smiled. “I know what you’re going to say. But I want to be a medic helping wounded soldiers and victims in war.”

Nur laughed. “That’s great! I want to be a doctor too!”

Times calmed down a bit for Nur and she started being happy because she had found someone to talk to.

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Oumed was listening to music in his room.

Today he couldn’t go out with his friends because it was storming outside. He turned on the music really loudly and Salim in the next room couldn’t concentrate on his project.

His mom yelled out, “Oumed, turn off the radio!”

Oumed turns it on even louder. His father stormed into his room. “What do you think you’re doing?!” His dad had never been this angry before. “I’m your father and I need to shape you up okay? Now turn it off I say!”

Oumed said, “Dad, I’m like bored.”

His dad said, “Then go and recite the Quran.”

Oumed lied, “But I recited all day from Fajr.”

His dad was mad. He got Oumed’s boom box and smashed it on the floor.
Oumed was shocked. He had never seen his dad like this. He thought he was the one who ruled the house.

His dad said, “Son, if you don’t listen to me, this is what’s going to be happening. I hope you’ve learnt your lesson. Why can’t you follow the example of you brother?”

“Coz I’m not him!” He shouted at his dad who had already left his room.

Oumed was so angry. So angry. He tore off his shirt and started punching his pillow.

Salim had quietly come into Oumed’s room and was watching his brother madly punching pillows. “So what did the pillow do to you?”

“Whaaaaaaaa!” Oumed got scared. “Why do you always sneak up on me?!”

Then Salim noticed something on Oumed’s left arm.

“What’s that?”

“Nothing!” Oumed said while covering his arm.

“Show me.”

“Why should I? Get lost!” Oumed was furious. Every one was bothering him.

Salim caught Oumed quickly and Oumed couldn’t get free. Then he saw what he had on his arm. It was a tattoo. It was a skull with spiders around it.

“Why did you do this, bro?” Salim asked. He couldn’t understand why Oumed had done this to himself. It was like Shaytan stuff. He was scared.

Oumed shrugged.“Coz it’s our trademark.”

“Trademark?!” Salim was praying Oumed hadn’t joined some evil gang organization.

“Yeah, our trademark. We’re like in partnership with Shaytan.”

Salim was shocked right to the bottom of his toes. He was always calm and composed but this time, it was too much. He quickly let go of Oumed. His face was full of a mixture of fear and confusion.

Suddenly Oumed started laughing out loud. “Hahahah!!”
His elder brother’s face was making him crack up. “It was a joke, man. Hahhaahhha!” Tears were coming out of his eyes from laughing too much.

Salim had no words. He just walked out of Oumed’s room. “Audhubillah!” He was just the tiniest bit angry.

Saturday, 18 April 2009


When Nur and Tahir were going for the next period, Biology, a boy in there class called Jeremy had his legs stretched out under the desk. Tahir who was busy talking with Nur never noticed and she tripped over and almost fell.

She felt embarrassed. “Hey, can’t you watch your legs?!” she exclaimed.

Jeremy was pretty shy. He was a recluse. Right now, he was actually blushing way more than Tahir, the one who tripped, was. Jeremy’s eyes were hidden by his long brown hair but it was clear he was looking down by the way his head was.

The boy mumbled something that sounded like, “I’m sorry.” And buried his head in a novel.

“Hmm…Jeremy sure seems to have more modesty than many Muslim boys around these days…” Nur said thoughtfully.

“Hey, yeah, you’re right. May be he is an undercover Muslim or something…..” Tahir joked and they laughed.

After the 40 minute period of geography class, they headed straight for the library to read ahead for the next biology class. It was their favourite subject.

As they sat down, a tall skinny figure approached them. They looked up and saw…no one but Jeremy, the shy boy, who wouldn’t even dare to talk to girls. What did he want with them? Nur and Tahir looked at each other with puzzled faces.

“Um, hi.” he said in a shy but determined voice. “I just wanted to ask you something.”

Tahir shrugged. “Yes, go ahead.” Nur said.

He said, “How do you address Jesus in Islam?”

Nur and Tahir were first shocked then became so happy that someone actually wanted to find out about Islam and that was really great for them. They were so happy they have someone turning to Islam, the truth.

So they eagerly answered him, “In Islam we call Jesus, “Isa” and he is a prophet of Allah(God). We believe that he brought us the Holy Book, Bible which is called the Injil in Islam. The Holy Quran says Jesus was not crucified but God raised him to Paradise and instead a man who was given the appearance of Jesus was crucified in the cross……….”

The really good thing was that Jeremy was really interested in Islam. And he urged them to explain to him more about Mary (Radhiallah Anh), Islam, prophets, angels and the rest.

And Jeremy talked freely as well. He seemed dedicated to learning about Islam. “So do you guys believe in ghosts?”

“No, ghosts are supposed to be the souls of dead people, but in reality, when a person dies, his soul experiences life in the Kabr or grave until the day of resurrection.” Nur explained.

Tahir also went on to add, “But we do believe that Allah created other beings out of fire called Jinn.”

“You mean like the genie in Alladin? ” Jeremy asked.

The girls grinned. “Yeah, like that. So Jinns have super powers like travelling long distances in seconds and….” So the whole afternoon was about Islam. They even promised to bring him books on Islam.

Soon it was time to go home. Nur’s driver, Hussein, was waiting as usual.

“Tahir, jump in, I’ll drop you homw!” On the way home, they talked about Jeremy and how he had potential becoming a Muslim. They felt very happy with themselves for being able to help him. Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Oumed casually walked in 2 hours after school.

His mom was baking cupcakes. The warm aroma of vanilla was filling the home. She hadn’t noticed him coming in.

“Mmmmm…what’s cookin’, Mom?” he asked.

“I’m baking cupc- ” His Mom turned up to look at him and gasped in horror! “What did you do to your hair?!”

“Duh, I coloured it.” He answered while throwing off his shoes in the corner. Oumed's mother was shocked. What was her son up to now??

“Of all colours, you had to choose red! Red!” His mother couldn’t believe it!

“What about you? Your hair’s not gonna be nice when it turns white!” Oumed wondered, what’s wrong with her? It’s my hair. Jeez..

“Go and wash it off right now, young man!”

“Hey, I paid 15 bucks for this thing! And it doesn’t wash off.” He plugged in his earphones and went to his room.

He was going to get ready to hang out with his friends that night. He was in a jolly mood. He couldn’t wait to go smoke at the local pub.

Late at midnight, Oumed put out that ladder again and escaped with his car keys. This time he was taking his gangster friends somewhere pretty far…..

He thought he looked so cool with his red hair, tattoo on his arm. But one thing was missing: the pierced ear. I’ll probably get it later, he grumbled in his mind.

His friends were waiting in their usual meeting place and he urged his friends to jump in.

“Come on, we don’t have all night.” Oumed shouted.

“Hi man, whoa, cool hair!” one of his friends exclaimed.

Oumed smirked, It was worth it anyway, he thought.

At the bar, there were a lot of teens, drinking, smoking, gambling. There were girls from Oumed’s school too. Oumed looked at what they were wearing. It was nasty. He knew what he was doing was way too wrong but he didn’t care…..

“Heyyy! It’s Oumed! Wow, Oumed! Your hair’s looking hot!” one of the girls said.

Oumed smiled, Another comment, eh? this feels good….

Deep in the night, with loud music and stinky tobacco smell around, Oumed realized it was late and he didn’t want Salim to be at the window again.

So he got up to leave the dark and smoky pub and every one was like,

“Oumed??!!! Where you going man?! Come on, it’s too early!”

Oumed felt really good, wow I’m becoming a celebrity already!

He stayed on sitting on the table, all his friends were drinking beer. And he was gulping down coke.

“Man ,Oumed, coke? Don’t be so cheap!” his friend Chris jeered and handed him a bottle of beer.

Oumed laughed nervously, “Man, I don’t go for those!”

The girls on the table were taking beer too. They said, “Come on, it’ s not harmful! Try it..”

Okay, just this once, Oumed thought. He took a bottle. And took a sip. His hands were shaking. He knew it was haram. He knew it at the bottom of his heart...but he didn't want his friends to push him off so he did it. He gulped it down to show he liked it. His friends nudged him to take another. His heart was beating fast because he knew he was doing a wrong thing. Alcohol is prohibited in Islam.

At around 2:30 am, he headed home. He staggered to his car.

“Hey, Oumed aren’t you dropping us as you promised?!” Chris asked.

“Buy your own car, dude!!” he shouted out loud so every one in the pub could hear.

“You’re a traitor, Oumed!” Chris shouted embarrassed.

“Mwaahhaaahaa!” Oumed laughed and started the car in full speed heading home.

Dark clouds,

shadows of trees,

rain pouring down.

Oumed felt so dizzy. He looked at the road, it was floating above. He looked at the sky it was shrinking.

Rain was pouring heavily. His head was throbbing, heart beating, dizzy eyes, confusion, restlessness, drowsy…….the tree in front… the tree!!!!......... Mad driving, Alcohol consuming……CRACHJKIUNMSHHRRR!!!!

Car hit, mad driver, late night, dead silence, fainted, Unconcious, Dark night………

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Nur had a dream about Cinderella. She woke up screaming.

But she couldn’t really remember her dream. It felt like something bad was going to happen.

She looked at the time. It was 2 am. Still a long way to Fajr. But she couldn’t get any sleep so she decided to get wudhu and recite Surat-al-Yaseen. As she was getting wudhu, she recalled the fairy tale of Cinderella. Cinderella was mistreated by her step mother and step sisters. Yet she was a good and honest girl. But in the end, she became a princess so that made Nur smile. After all, after every suffering there is relief. Inna ma’al yusri yusraa.

At breakfast, Nur’s father called Nur and told her, “I’ve got you a new stallion. You’ll like it.” And he went off for work.

The clouds in the sky were bright white and were blocking the harsh sunlight. Nur was thinking of Cherry. The brown mare had been with her since she was 8.

“That horse is old. It needs to be thrown away.” She thought of her father’s harsh words again and again. Tears poured down her eyes. This is my fate, after all Nur thought as she got up from the chair my the window sill to pray Salat-ul-Dhuha. She always prayed Nafl Salat to get closer to Allah.

Nur decided to go take a look at the horse after Aswr. What harm would it do after all?

On the way to the meadow, Nur looked out the window and noticed that the sky looked a bit dark but it was still beautiful.

“What a beautiful sky….,” Nur said dreamily.

She got out of the car and looked around and exclaimed,”Hey, isn’t this where Cherry’s stable was?! ” Then she looked a few meters away, a new raised stable which looked newly built.

“Oh…,” she said, “So dad decided to renovate the stable. Hmmm…that just shatters a few of Cherry’s memories…” she said sadly.

How she missed Cherry! No one understands my feelings…she thought. But only Allah, The Most Kind…

She calmed down herself and walked through the subtle green grass as thoughts crossed her mind making her feel sadder than ever…

The stallion was beautiful. He was white like the clouds she had seen in the morning. He was sturdy like papa had said.

And the horse was calm but he neighed happily when Nur arrived, as though he had no-one and was sad being alone with no true friend who would ride with him. She looked into his quiet eyes and realized how precious and kind he was. But she was on the brink of depression because of all the things she’d gone through. She left him in the stable without riding him. But most of all, without giving him a name……

The evening sky was dark blue. Nur looked up at the sky and imagined how beautiful it was. She always looked at the sky. It was part of her and the sky was always attached to her heart. She felt safe with the sky above her. She dreamed of talking to the sky and flying with the birds all day without any problems, flying freee…….

She realized it was late and walked out of the big beautiful garden and left the stars in the night sky twinkling with each step she took.

The next day, in the late afternoon, when Nur was back from school, she fell shocked of what she saw in front of her.

There was a strange lady sitting cross-legged on the couch. She was wearing horrible clothes showing her whole body and she looked as if she was waiting for someone.

Nur was shocked what does she think this place is- a disco? Who is she anyway? She thought as she whizzed to her room before the lady could spot her.

Climbing the stairs, she saw her dad moving towards the lady and hugging her!

She stopped dead. I’ve got to find out! She thought.

She put her backpack on the chair and sneaked down to hear a bit of the conversation. A word from the conversation was just enough to let her know……she burst into her room, locked the door and fell on her bed.

“What is wrong with people?!!! Why? Why, dad??!! Jessica! She’s even a Christian! she screamed. This was absolute terror for Nur……

At last, Nur composed herself. She hadn’t eaten anything since she came home from school. She went down to the kitchen. Her face looked pale and stern. Her eyes looked as if she hadn’t been getting enough sleep for the past few months… As she passed the dim living room lit up with lamps, she saw her father, looking at the burning fire, and he noticed her. When she saw him, she felt so angry. She was just about to storm off when he stopped her,

“ Nur! Come here! I want to tell you something.”

Nur spilled out almost everything in her heart, “You don’t need to because I already know your plans. How could you do this to me?! I’m your daughter! What will happen to me? She’s not even Muslim! I don’t want a step mother who’s going to spend her days in the disco! Look at the clothes she wore today! I’m so disgusted, papa. I’d rather go to the orphanage!”

“Goodnight, Nur.” Her father said carelessly.

Nur couldn’t believe this! Her father’s stone heart can never melt even for his own daughter. No-one in this world cares for me!