Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Nur was sad. Why did she have to be alone? And she was the only one wearing a hijab in school.

She never liked to be with the other girls because she didn’t like what they talked about. And they flirted and wore disgusting clothes and Nur was just stuck in a world where she didn’t even belong. So it was rare to get true pure friends and cope up with the rest. It was so sad because at home, she had no one. At school, no one. And that’s why life felt so lonely for her.

She always thought why? Why is this happening? First my mother who I loved so much..then Cherry who was my best friend. Why is life full of sadness for me? She asked herself. It’s not supposed to be like this…

Days pass and Nur gets lonelier and lonelier. And it almost became a habit for her to find wet tissues all over her room..

Just a few days later, when Nur goes to school she sees a new girl with olive skin seated on the desk in the far corner. She looked patient and was wearing a hijab neatly tied on her head. She was wearing a hijab! She’s Muslim! Nur rushed to her and greeted her, ”Assalam Alaikom! I’m Nur. What’s your name?”

“Wa Alaikom Assalam. My name’s Tahir. Nice to meet you. ”the new girl said.

“Come on, I’ll show you around the school!” Nur said excitedly.

Tahir and Nur became close friends. Nur found out a lot about Tahir. Though she looked graceful, Tahir is like a tomboy sort of person and has a strong attitude. They became best friends moving around together.

“So what do you want to do when you grow up?” Nur asked Tahir.

“I want to join the army.” Tahir said strongly.

Nur was a bit shocked. She had read different hadith and she knew women weren’t allowed to physically fight with the army.

She was about to say something when Tahir smiled. “I know what you’re going to say. But I want to be a medic helping wounded soldiers and victims in war.”

Nur laughed. “That’s great! I want to be a doctor too!”

Times calmed down a bit for Nur and she started being happy because she had found someone to talk to.


Quick It Girl/Asmi's Journal said...

Nur's life seems to be boring yet Oumed's is different? oo Funny...

(Why am I commenting to myself?) Please you guys, shoot away with your opinions!

The Light of Islam said...

I rather have a boring life than a life of haram right! It's amazing how you switch off with two complete differant characters I really like it mashAllah.
Yay she found a friend lol!

SirAdib.com said...

Yay, a muslimah sister has come into the scene!

Aurangzeb said...

With the name 'Tahir' I thought it's a boy... :P

Asmi's Journal said...

Oh, sorry about that =_= Tahir is a girl lol :)

Nevin said...

yayy im so happy she found a friend!