Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Oumed was rummaging through his locker. His locker had a lot of cigarettes thrown around. He was getting late for Algebra, his favourite class.

He grabbed his things and shut the locker with his left leg. He is a leftie that’s why. But as he was rushing to class, he dropped his calculator behind. Nur was walking and she noticed someone had dropped their calculator. She picked it up.

“Hey! Your calculator!” But Oumed had already gone far.

Later at the cafeteria, Oumed and his friends were joking around while having lunch. His friends were talking about how Oumed won the cards game they were playing last night in the bar. "Man, Oumed you always win our bets!" Oumed was feeling good.

Just then one of his friends said, “Hey, there’s a chic walking towards us. She’s looking at you, Oumed.”

Oumed looked up. It was a girl in a hijab. He had seen her before. She always had a far-away look on her face and she was usually quiet. She didn’t stay behind after school like many other people. Instead, her driver was always on time to pick her up. Why was she coming to him?

“Um, you dropped your calculator.”

Oumed grabbed his calculator and mumbled, “Thanks.” And started poking his burger with a fork. Nur looked around and saw that all the boys on the table were looking at her. She felt very weird and she walked away as fast as possible.


Quick It Girl said...

So what do you think you guys? said...

I don't know. I'm like smiling as I read the post because this part seemed interesting. Keep it up!

Nevin said...

oooo i just love the way they met! its gettin exciting! i could picture everything!