Thursday, 16 April 2009


Oumed casually walked in 2 hours after school.

His mom was baking cupcakes. The warm aroma of vanilla was filling the home. She hadn’t noticed him coming in.

“Mmmmm…what’s cookin’, Mom?” he asked.

“I’m baking cupc- ” His Mom turned up to look at him and gasped in horror! “What did you do to your hair?!”

“Duh, I coloured it.” He answered while throwing off his shoes in the corner. Oumed's mother was shocked. What was her son up to now??

“Of all colours, you had to choose red! Red!” His mother couldn’t believe it!

“What about you? Your hair’s not gonna be nice when it turns white!” Oumed wondered, what’s wrong with her? It’s my hair. Jeez..

“Go and wash it off right now, young man!”

“Hey, I paid 15 bucks for this thing! And it doesn’t wash off.” He plugged in his earphones and went to his room.

He was going to get ready to hang out with his friends that night. He was in a jolly mood. He couldn’t wait to go smoke at the local pub.

Late at midnight, Oumed put out that ladder again and escaped with his car keys. This time he was taking his gangster friends somewhere pretty far…..

He thought he looked so cool with his red hair, tattoo on his arm. But one thing was missing: the pierced ear. I’ll probably get it later, he grumbled in his mind.

His friends were waiting in their usual meeting place and he urged his friends to jump in.

“Come on, we don’t have all night.” Oumed shouted.

“Hi man, whoa, cool hair!” one of his friends exclaimed.

Oumed smirked, It was worth it anyway, he thought.

At the bar, there were a lot of teens, drinking, smoking, gambling. There were girls from Oumed’s school too. Oumed looked at what they were wearing. It was nasty. He knew what he was doing was way too wrong but he didn’t care…..

“Heyyy! It’s Oumed! Wow, Oumed! Your hair’s looking hot!” one of the girls said.

Oumed smiled, Another comment, eh? this feels good….

Deep in the night, with loud music and stinky tobacco smell around, Oumed realized it was late and he didn’t want Salim to be at the window again.

So he got up to leave the dark and smoky pub and every one was like,

“Oumed??!!! Where you going man?! Come on, it’s too early!”

Oumed felt really good, wow I’m becoming a celebrity already!

He stayed on sitting on the table, all his friends were drinking beer. And he was gulping down coke.

“Man ,Oumed, coke? Don’t be so cheap!” his friend Chris jeered and handed him a bottle of beer.

Oumed laughed nervously, “Man, I don’t go for those!”

The girls on the table were taking beer too. They said, “Come on, it’ s not harmful! Try it..”

Okay, just this once, Oumed thought. He took a bottle. And took a sip. His hands were shaking. He knew it was haram. He knew it at the bottom of his heart...but he didn't want his friends to push him off so he did it. He gulped it down to show he liked it. His friends nudged him to take another. His heart was beating fast because he knew he was doing a wrong thing. Alcohol is prohibited in Islam.

At around 2:30 am, he headed home. He staggered to his car.

“Hey, Oumed aren’t you dropping us as you promised?!” Chris asked.

“Buy your own car, dude!!” he shouted out loud so every one in the pub could hear.

“You’re a traitor, Oumed!” Chris shouted embarrassed.

“Mwaahhaaahaa!” Oumed laughed and started the car in full speed heading home.

Dark clouds,

shadows of trees,

rain pouring down.

Oumed felt so dizzy. He looked at the road, it was floating above. He looked at the sky it was shrinking.

Rain was pouring heavily. His head was throbbing, heart beating, dizzy eyes, confusion, restlessness, drowsy…….the tree in front… the tree!!!!......... Mad driving, Alcohol consuming……CRACHJKIUNMSHHRRR!!!!

Car hit, mad driver, late night, dead silence, fainted, Unconcious, Dark night………

5 comments: said...

The part which cracked me up was the "CRACHJKIUNMSHHRRR!!!" effect. I'm not really sure what that sounds like but I'm guessing its nothing good. =P

Your descriptions are getting better and better nevertheless. Can't wait to know what happens next!

Quick It Girl/Asmi's Journal said...

I'm not really sure what happens next either!:p But I'm concentrating on Nur for the next chapter. Thanks a lot!

ellen557 said...

Ah! akjfsafskfjsfds. I really want to know what happens next ^_^

Asmi's Journal said...

Thanks! The next chapter is about Nur, but the chapter after that will be catching up on Oumed. :)

Nevin said...

wowwww, i so cant wait.. hmm is this oumeds turning point..? guess im gonna have to wait and find out!