Saturday, 18 April 2009


When Nur and Tahir were going for the next period, Biology, a boy in there class called Jeremy had his legs stretched out under the desk. Tahir who was busy talking with Nur never noticed and she tripped over and almost fell.

She felt embarrassed. “Hey, can’t you watch your legs?!” she exclaimed.

Jeremy was pretty shy. He was a recluse. Right now, he was actually blushing way more than Tahir, the one who tripped, was. Jeremy’s eyes were hidden by his long brown hair but it was clear he was looking down by the way his head was.

The boy mumbled something that sounded like, “I’m sorry.” And buried his head in a novel.

“Hmm…Jeremy sure seems to have more modesty than many Muslim boys around these days…” Nur said thoughtfully.

“Hey, yeah, you’re right. May be he is an undercover Muslim or something…..” Tahir joked and they laughed.

After the 40 minute period of geography class, they headed straight for the library to read ahead for the next biology class. It was their favourite subject.

As they sat down, a tall skinny figure approached them. They looked up and saw…no one but Jeremy, the shy boy, who wouldn’t even dare to talk to girls. What did he want with them? Nur and Tahir looked at each other with puzzled faces.

“Um, hi.” he said in a shy but determined voice. “I just wanted to ask you something.”

Tahir shrugged. “Yes, go ahead.” Nur said.

He said, “How do you address Jesus in Islam?”

Nur and Tahir were first shocked then became so happy that someone actually wanted to find out about Islam and that was really great for them. They were so happy they have someone turning to Islam, the truth.

So they eagerly answered him, “In Islam we call Jesus, “Isa” and he is a prophet of Allah(God). We believe that he brought us the Holy Book, Bible which is called the Injil in Islam. The Holy Quran says Jesus was not crucified but God raised him to Paradise and instead a man who was given the appearance of Jesus was crucified in the cross……….”

The really good thing was that Jeremy was really interested in Islam. And he urged them to explain to him more about Mary (Radhiallah Anh), Islam, prophets, angels and the rest.

And Jeremy talked freely as well. He seemed dedicated to learning about Islam. “So do you guys believe in ghosts?”

“No, ghosts are supposed to be the souls of dead people, but in reality, when a person dies, his soul experiences life in the Kabr or grave until the day of resurrection.” Nur explained.

Tahir also went on to add, “But we do believe that Allah created other beings out of fire called Jinn.”

“You mean like the genie in Alladin? ” Jeremy asked.

The girls grinned. “Yeah, like that. So Jinns have super powers like travelling long distances in seconds and….” So the whole afternoon was about Islam. They even promised to bring him books on Islam.

Soon it was time to go home. Nur’s driver, Hussein, was waiting as usual.

“Tahir, jump in, I’ll drop you homw!” On the way home, they talked about Jeremy and how he had potential becoming a Muslim. They felt very happy with themselves for being able to help him. Alhamdulillah.

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Nice! I didn't expect Jeremy to be coming up to them asking about Islam.

I see that you've put in more effort in the descriptions. Keep it up!

Quick It Girl/Asmi's Journal said...

Thanks! I'm done with the next chapter. Let me just post it, I can't wait for tomorrow. :DDD Alhamdulillah!

Quick It Girl/Asmi's Journal said...

Nah, I'll wait for tomorrow...

Sadiyah said...

Nice story! I'm looking foward to the next chapter :)

check my blogs too like you, i'm writing my own story also lol


Asmi's Journal said...

Sure I will, Insha Allah. :) Thanks for your comment, Sadiya. :)

Nevin said...

aww thats ausome! i can relate to that in a way, i just love it when people want to know more bout islam :D keep it up!! :)