Thursday, 23 April 2009


Hussein, Nur’s driver, was polishing the car Nur usually went in for school and horse-riding.

“Assalam Alaikom, Hussein!” She said happily. The sky was blue and bright yet the wind was cool and soothing.

Hussein laughed, “Wa Alaikom Assalam, child. And where are we going today?”

“To the stable, of course! To see Cherry! I haven’t done horse-back riding for the past three days!” she smiled cheerily.

But Hussein’s face changed and became sad but he didn’t let the happy teenager see it. Soon they got into the car and went off.

Nur was going to experience another tragedy…

When they reached the meadow, Nur hopped off the car and went straight out to Cherry’s stable. Funnily, it was empty.

She asked the care taker, “Where’s Cherry? I’m supposed to ride her today.” The care taker was silent.

“Cherry’s not here anymore.” She said.

Nur didn’t understand. “What do you mean she’s not here anymore? Did they take her to the vet or something? Tell me!”

The caretaker was silent.

At once Nur understood. Tears came streaming out her eyes. She ran into the meadow and she kept on running and running until she fell to the ground.

“Why do all the people I love have to die?! First my mom, now Cherry! Ya Allah, I have no reason to live!”


Quick It Girl. said...

This is a pretty short chapter. I didn't want to load it with words and make it draggy :}

malekat_el7oriya said...

awwwwwwwwwwww!! that's so sad!!!she can't die!! i loved cherry...poor Nur :( *starts to cry*
alright now you have to make it better and post another chapter! i can't wait!

Quick It Girl. said...

I'm sorry but brace up malekat, more tragic events are going to happen.

Thanks for the comment! said...

Too short! We want more! D:

Quick It Girl said...

Ok...should I just post the next chapter or join the next chapter to this chapter? i think I'll just post the next chapter (but that one is short as well.)

ellen557 said...

This is so good!
Can't wait for the next bit :D

Quick It Girl said...

Wow, thanks Ellen!!! :) said...

You can carry on posting the next chapter.